Living in the Shadow of Ruben Salazar

I HAD BEEN IN LOS ANGELES ONLY a couple of days in 1978 when the unique pressures on Chicano journalists in this

June 1, 2023 / Tony Castro

Why I’ve Written About Mickey Mantle

I WAS ATTRACTED TO THE double tragedy of Mickey’s youth and his death hanging over him and how he loses the one

May 28, 2023 / Tony Castro

I Believe in Tom Wolfe, the Writer Almighty…

  THE POPE WALKED into the office today. His presence was high-fashion pietistic. Divine off-white three-piece suit, his manicured hands cradling a

May 27, 2023 / Tony Castro

The Religion of Sports: From Michelangelo to Derek Jeter

IF I WERE TO SAY MICHELANGELO AND SISTINE CHAPEL, what image would immediately come to mind? For most people, I think, it

May 19, 2023 / Tony Castro

Of Henry Cisneros, Dreams and Mortality

MY FATHER NEVER said so, but I always got the impression that he wished Henry Cisneros had been his son. Henry and

May 15, 2023 / Tony Castro

When We All Wanted To Be Hemingway

A CHILD OF THE BOOMER generation, I grew up desperately wanting to be Ernest Hemingway. To run with the bulls in Pamplona. To

May 7, 2023 / Tony Castro
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