The Much-Hoped-For Comeback of Andy Pettitte

A CRUCIAL GAME, be it the playoffs, the World Series or even a division leading battle with the Red Sox, who would you rather see on the mound for the Yankees? Miguel Pineda, throwing a 91-mph fastball that’s going to likely wind up in the seats, Hiroki Kuroda possibly getting a shot off his head…
Or 39-year-old Andy Pettitte who has been there, done that so many times when the Yankees badly needed a win?
As of Friday, you can put you money on Pettite who came out of retirement not for the money — he could have had millions more if he’d done it two months ago — but because he loves it.
“This is all about me having the desire to do this again,” said Pettitte, who signed a non-guaranteed, $2.5 million Minor League contract. “For what I’m coming back and playing for, it’s an awful lot of money and I realize that, but it’s a long ways away from what we were talking about in January. But I have a desire to work again.”