Yankees See ‘No Risk’ in Pettitte’s Comeback

Brian Cashman with once and future starter Andy Pettitte

Brian Cashman: “We did not want Andy to retire (in 2010). Andy was still well above average as a starter, and so I thought he pulled the plug too soon. He didn’t shut  it down for injury or anything of that nature. Now how does he respond to being a year out? I don’t know. I mean, I believe he’ll be fine because he did the transition from power pitcher from the left side to (a pitcher) with real pitchability after all the injuries he suffered during his career… so I’ve got to believe all the equipment is there. So we’re rip rearin’ to go, but we’ll see. There’s no downside. There’s only upside, and in Andy’s case: No risk no reward. But obviously he wants to be a part of winning another championship, and he wants to go out there and again hopefully be a part of something special. But you have to take risks to get there. So  that’s what competitors do. They’re not afraid to put themselves in the middle of the arena.”