Mantle: The Best There Ever Was, Signed


MOVE OVER BABE, THE MICK IS THE GREATEST * From Tony Castro, the award-winning, bestselling author of Mickey Mantle: America’s Prodigal Son and DiMag & Mick, comes the concluding book of his biographical trilogy  the player of whom even Joe DiMaggio begrudgingly told the author: “to say there was anyone better in the game, to say there was anyone better than Mantle is what we Italians would call ‘un sacco di stronzate,‘ a load of crap.”

“An American literary stylistic masterpiece… Tony Castro paints Mickey Mantle with the pinstripe magic of Garcia Marquez phantasmagoria and realism…” — Tom Wolfe

In Mantle: The Best There Ever Was, former Harvard classics scholar Tony Castro delivers a bold retelling of the Greek mythological hero Achilles from The Iliad in the powerful but doomed legendary baseball slugger who came to symbolize post-World War II American might in the 20th century. “Mantle’s life story has been told many times, but it’s never received as loving a treatment as this one,” raves Booklist in its Starred review.

Castro offers illuminating new insight into Mantle’s extraordinary career, including the head-turning conclusion based on the evolution of analytics that the beloved Yankee switch-hitter may ultimately win acclaim as having fulfilled the weighty expectations once placed on him: of being greater than even Babe Ruth.

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